Sectional Door

Sectional doors are exceptionally strong and durable, and unlike most others on the market, they may be firmly closed. Increase the security of your garage door with B&D's Auto-Lock, an ingenious, heavy-duty locking bolt that engages automatically when the door is closed.

Residential sectional Garage Door Installation west Sydney

Key Features

While sectional garage doors can be built from various materials, B&D favours Australian steel for all Panelift and Panelift Icon doors due to their strength and durability. 

Strength & durability

Combine a B&D sectional door and a B&D Smart Opener. Our Smart Opener includes a Smart Phone Control Kit, which allows you to operate and monitor your garage door from anywhere! 

Easy access to your home

Rugged, dependable, and backed by a market-leading 10-year Total Confidence Warranty, your door will look and work as it should year after year.

10 Years of Warranty when B&D Panelift Icon & B&D motor installed together

Safe. Secure. Reliable.

B&D roller doors keep you and your family, safe as can B&D.

Panelift Icon comes fully equipped with Auto-Lock – an advanced automatic locking mechanism that engages a heavy-duty bolt to ensure your door is locked shut, every time.

All B&D sectional doors feature custom-designed guides and Panelift Icon offers smooth track, twin-wheel systems, ensuring an even smoother, quieter performance.

Every B&D sectional door features a pinch-free, finger-safe design (invented by B&D) to prevent fingers from being caught between the hinges.

Available in a wide range of colours, textures and profiles to complement every home’s façade.

Options and Upgrades

B&D’s unique 'brake press' technology stamps a rigid structural pattern into each steel Roll-A-Door.

Colour Range

We have an extensive range of Sectional Door in several traditional colours to help you give your exterior an amazing look.



Shale Grey



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Use Blaxland's custom-made sectional door selection filter to choose the best sectional door for your home.

Sectional Doors

Panelift Icon

Panelift Icon has all of the best characteristics of Blaxland's popular Panelift door, plus some new ones. Every Panelift Icon garage door includes Auto-Lock, which automatically locks your garage door with a heavy-duty deadbolt, ensuring that your home is safe and secure every time you close your garage door.

Sectional Doors


Panelift is Blaxland's most popular sectional garage door, setting the benchmark for strength, safety, and dependability. It's the go-to garage door for robustness and dependability, made of durable COLORBOND steel and enabling smooth, silent operation.

Sectional Doors

Sheer Panel

The Sheer Panel series includes a wide choice of designer sectional garage doors that have a floating, seamless look and are made from sturdy yet lightweight Alpolic aluminium composite or glass-like acrylic.

Sectional Doors

BAL-Maza Sectional Door

If you live in a bushfire-prone location, your home must be appropriately prepared for a calamity. The new B&D BAL-Maze garage door system is critical for protecting what is most important to you. The BAL-Maze Panelift sectional garage door, an upgrade option within the Panelift line, has been created and developed to keep flying embers and burning debris out of your home. It is Australia's only garage door system with a CSIRO-tested bushfire protection grading of BAL-40.

Sectional Garage Doors in Western Sydney

Blaxland Home Services is your go-to destination for premium quality sectional garage doors in Western Sydney. Our range of residential sectional doors for Western Sydney combines style, functionality, and durability, enhancing your home’s aesthetics and security. Our premium sectional doors cater to your requirements if you reside in Richmond, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, Glenbrook, Penrith, or anywhere in the Blue Mountains & Hawkesbury region.
Our residential sectional garage doors in Western Sydney are perfect for homeowners seeking comfort and security.

Reasons to choose sectional garage doors:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sectional garage doors are manufactured to withstand different weather conditions in Western Sydney. Our doors are made from top-quality materials that last long.
Yes, we provide maintenance service for sectional garage doors, such as lubrication and adjustment if needed, so that they operate smoothly and efficiently.
Definitely! We offer the option of motorisation for our sectional garage doors so that you can open and close them by sitting inside your car or home. This is very useful, especially during extreme weather conditions in Sydney.