Roller Doors

Rolling garage doors, roller garage doors, and roller shutters. They have been around for a long time, however, you may know them. In reality, B&D created them!

Our roller door series' space-saving, straightforward design makes them popular for modern or conventional residences and multiple tenancies today, 65 years after B&D unveiled the first-ever Roll-A-Door.

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Key Features

All B&D Roll-A-Doors have undergone 20,000–30,000 up-and-down cycle testing, so even if you use your garage door five times daily, it will still endure for more than 15 years! This is partly because B&D uses a steel drum instead of the plastic drums used by most manufacturers, making our doors more robust and durable.

Tested strength, proven durability

Roller doors can be automated entirely for enhanced security and peace of mind. The automatic back drive is a function of B&D automatic openers that forces the door back down if it detects an intrusion attempt.  

Better home security

All B&D Roll-A-Doors are covered by B&D's 10-year absolute confidence warranty for your peace of mind when purchased, along with an automatic opener, so you can rely on your door to open and close repeatedly for many years to come. 

Trusted & reliable

Safe. Secure. Reliable.

B&D roller doors keep you and your family, safe as can B&D.

B&D roller doors are incredibly safe and secure, featuring a sliding bar mechanism that locks internally, making them incredibly strong in the face of forced entry.

B&D’s unique 'brake press' technology stamps a rigid structural pattern into each steel Roll-A-Door. This ensures B&D doors remain flat and strong for a lifetime.

The pressed 'square-line' profile reduces deflection in the door curtain caused by wind pressure meaning your B&D roller door is less likely to be damaged in extreme weather.

Nylofelt running strips (invented by B&D) ensure all B&D roller garage doors open and close seamlessly and quietly.

Options and Upgrades

B&D’s unique 'brake press' technology stamps a rigid structural pattern into each steel Roll-A-Door.

Colour Range

We have an extensive range of roller doors in several traditional colours to help you give your exterior an amazing look.



Shale Grey



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Use Blaxland’s as custom designed roller door selection filter to find the ideal roller door for your house.

Roller Doors

Roll-A-Door Neo

The Roll-A-Door Neo from B&D is a roller door with a twist! You can use the extra ceiling space at the top of your garage without sacrificing beauty by combining a roller door's practicality with a sectional door's attractive aesthetic. Roll-A-Door Neo was created to protect what matters most to you, and it is robust and secure, keeping your home safe and looking excellent.

Roller Doors


You are purchasing an Australian icon when you purchase a B&D Roll-A-Door. In 1956, B&D designed the first roller garage door, and they have spent the subsequent 65 years improving the design and operation of the complete Roll-A-Door series. B&D Roll-A-Doors are sturdy, secure roller doors designed to safeguard what matters most to you. They are backed by technical excellence, quality, and extensive testing.

Roller Doors


The Rollmasta by B&D is a high-quality, low-cost roller door option for homes and sheds. Every Rollmasta door is manufactured to size to meet your specific demands and requirements, resulting in an economical, long-lasting door from a reputable company.

Roller Doors


The distinctive B&D Flex-A-Door, Australia's premium steel sliding garage door, is the ideal replacement for your existing tilt door. If you have limited space above your garage opening (also known as headroom), Flex-A-Door is the ideal answer, fitting into smaller spaces than sectional or roller doors.

Roller Garage Doors in Western Sydney

Blaxland Home Services offers premium quality roller doors in Western Sydney. Our residential roller garage doors are tailored to your requirements in various locations of Western Sydney, including Richmond, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, Glenbrook, Penrith, and throughout the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury area.

Reasons to choose roller garage doors: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Roller doors are the perfect choice for homes in Western Sydney because they are durable, have safety and security features, and can withstand different weather conditions.
Our expert team has the skill and knowledge to guide you and manufacture a personalised roller door that will fit perfectly in your space.
Our rolling garage doors are trustworthy and manufactured to last. They are also designed for advanced security features, are smooth, don’t create noise, and offer unmatched comfort and peace of mind for homeowners in Western Sydney.
Our rolling doors are customisable to suit every home’s unique dimensions and preferences.